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Dec 27, 2002

About Bridgeville CA:

Bridgeville offers many opportunities. It can be a private retreat, basking in the glory of the redwoods, with enough acreage and control to maintain your privacy. Or, with the proper development, Bridgeville can become an economic power house with the potential for generating a large cash flow. It may, in some instances, be able to function as a remarkable tax shelter, check with your accountant. You get an entire working town, with shops, woodworking, plumbing, glass and electrical. As a part of the town's maintenance equipment a back hoe and International tractor are included. Also there are many spare parts already in stock. There is a store building, a restaurant building, the post office and machine shop. An ancient Indian burial site is located close to the new bridge construction. Many of the structures included with the town could be described as fixer uppers so be prepared to do a lot of work to get the town into sparkling condition. To assist you with these chores, a back hoe and generous supply of maintenance parts are included. Located within, but not a part of this property is the award winning Bridgeville school. The school educates grades kindergarten through eighth. It has one hundred fifteen students and seventeen faculty. The post office is leased by the government and has been in operation for 110 years. Your own zip code will now be 95526. You will own an area called Chinese Camp. That was where the Chinese road workers stayed during the 1890's. It sits on a seven acre parcel next to the beautiful Van Dusen river. This river is one of the defining elements of Bridgeville and you'll own a mile and a half which runs through the property and from your river bank to the center point from the opposite shore. Each year the Steelhead and Salmon pulled from this river make for great meals. Game abounds in the surrounding country side and the opening of hunting season is always a big occasion in Humboldt county. With 10 houses and four cabins scattered around the town and the view from the owners residence located atop the hill Bridgeville offers a magnificent layout for your new town. Some of the town's other features are a ten acre orchard on your hillside. A hillside which is perfect for grazing livestock. You get a twenty four thousand gallon reservoir, complete with remote sensing. There's also the historic cemetery and the old Bridgeville bridge, built in 1925 and decommissioned in a special ceremony in 1997. The town of Bridgeville has a rich past and a mature present with the potential for future development in about any direction that you can imagine. The town of Bridgeville was founded in 1865 by a trapper named Slaughter Robinson. He would ferry folks across the Van Dusen river and his camp became known as Robinson's Ferry. In 1871 William Drinkwater became the last white man to be slain in the Pacific northwest Indian wars. After six Indians attacked a woman and her mother, an experienced Indian fighter assembled a party, including Drinkwater, to give chase. Drinkwater got out ahead of the rest of the party and was slain. The rest of the party dispatched the Indians. Drinkwater is buried in the Bridgeville town cemetery. In 1875 a bridge was erected over the Van Dusen and the little settlement's name was officially changed to Bridgeport. Later, when the post office was opened the little town's name was changed to Bridgeville. In 1909 Henry Cox purchased the, now, rather substantial town and it remained in his family until 1972 when it was purchased by the Lapple family who are the current owners. In the early 1900's Bridgeville had a twenty four room, two story hotel, a large stable which was used for remounts for the pack trains and then the stages, there was also a blacksmith shop, a general store, a saloon and several homes. The first school house was built in 1877. Before that classes were held in a log cabin. The second Bridgeville bridge was built in 1879. Both the first and second bridges were built with lumber from Pepperwood Falls, just two miles south of Bridgeville. The big concrete bridge was built in 1925. The new bridge was dedicated in 1997. Owner will carry at 8% for 30 years with 200,000.00 down For more information on the town please go to www.bvsales.com or If you would like more information on becoming involved in this outstanding property, please contact us at the locations below. Telephone Sunset Real Estate Contact: Denise Stuart, Realtor 707-822-7901 707-496-0019 (Cell) FAX 707-822-1836 Postal address 5000 Valley West Blvd., Arcata, CA 95521

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